Recording our EP – Part 1

On July 7th we went all the way to Weiz / Styria to record our upcoming EP. This was the first time that we were in the studio together. We had 3 days worth of recording and working hard! It was a very fun and exciting experience.

On day 1 we started with a song that we had already performed live once at the event  ‘Bass und Bässer’ in Weiz – “Jar of Tears”. We thought that it’d go quickly, since we both knew the song really well, but it was actually quite hard and it took us a while to get it done perfectly!

Mia did her best to play as tight as possible.


Alex’ vocals were recorded with a retro tube microphone. We had to choose between 3 mics and this one seemed to work best for her voice.

On day 2 we started with “One”. We actually recorded the bass before the vocals, so Alex was able to sing over a perfect bass track. This made it a lot easier to sing the difficult parts!

We managed to get a second song done on that day – “The Cocoon“.  We worked on it until 10pm, because Alex was singing a whole choir for this song.
We hope that you’re looking forward to hearing it!

Mia trying hard not to make a sound.

A nice silhouette of Alex singing.

Day 3 was the last day of this recording session and we managed to finish our fourth song “Hide and Seek“. This one has a jazzier feel to it compared to “One”, and it also makes you want to headbang during the chorus!

Mia’s former bass teacher – the master himself at work.

We agreed that we deserved nice treats after working so hard.


We weren’t able to record our 5th song this weekend, so we’re going to be at the studio again from July 16h to July 17th!
Stay tuned for more Velvetree shenanigans!


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