Recording our EP – Part 2

On July 16th we made the second trip to Weiz to finish recording our EP.

It was really stressful getting up on Sunday early in the morning, but it was definitely worth it, since we finished tracking our last song on the same day!

Hidden behind the microphone


The next day we got up very early to go jogging through the beautiful scenery surrounding Weiz – we saw a deer on our way!
Enchanted by our lovely encounter, we went back into the studio to finish the mixes. This didn’t take as long as expected and went rather smoothly. In the afternoon Hansi (a friend of Mia’s bass teacher) came in to master our songs and in the evening we were on our way back to Vienna with the finished songs in our pocket!

Look at Alex’ cute handwritten notes!


We’re really looking forward to share our songs with you all! The excitement is almost unbearable, but there are some things we have to do still, before we’re going to release our EP.
It will be worth the wait!


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