Over the last few months it has become colder and darker outside and right now everyone is overwhelmed with Christmas so here’s a break from that for those who seek it – I’m going to tell you about a spooktacular event we attended!

On October 21st Mia and I attended the “HalloWien” tea party event hosted by Gothic Lolita Austria. It took place at Concordia Schlössl, next to the Viennese central cemetery.Tea parties provide us with a chance to parade our most wonderful attire! There were two amazing photographers present: Greencat and Thomas Windisch ,who both did their best to capture the attendants’ best sides! We also had our photos taken:

By Greencat:







By Thomas Windisch Photography:

© Thomas Windisch Photography

© Thomas Windisch Photography

We had a great time mingling with lolita fashion enthusiasts and having lots of chats with friends.

As we share our love for this fashion we decided to incorporate it into the concept of Velvetree from the beginning. It’s great to share not only one passion but two – music and fashion!


Have yourself a fantastic December! See you soon!




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