About Alex

Let me tell you something about our wonderful singer: Alex!

Can you imagine the feeling of meeting someone you immediatly click with on several levels? That was the case with Alex. The closer we grew the more commonalities we discovered, which ultimately lead to this project – Velvetree.

I think that Alex’ input is what was missing in my music all along. It didn’t feel whole, but now it definitely does. Thanks to her.
The talent she displays,, when she comes up with vocals and lyrics, is absolutely astounding! I can never imagine vocals to an instrumental, but when I first hear her approach I find myself wondering: “How could it be anything but that? It’s perfect!”

And did you know that the name “Velvetree” was also her idea? In fact, Alex is responsible for the whole aesthetic concept of this project with nature being such a major theme.

I’m very grateful to have met and to be working with such an amazing person as Alex.


Photo: Cornelia Gillmann – cgphotography.at

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