About Mia

Today it’s my turn to tell you a few things about Velvetree’s bass-queen Mia!

Writing music together was rather a spontaneous “yeah, we should do that” kind of idea and we started out without a concept or anything at all! Before meeting Mia, I had never heard anybody play the bass like she does. The way she uses flageolets and arranges the melody in powerful as well as soft patterns, has the power to spark the most amazing sceneries in my head. I’m simply grateful for being able to write music with her.

One of the things that I value most about Mia is that she doesn’t only talk about plans, she puts them into action. So, we tried writing music together – and tadah – we went on to form Velvetree, write songs, have our photos taken and bring out our first own EP! Mia is also a very skilled graphic designer, she designed our EP’s beautiful booklet. She came up with the idea of using a double-gate fold, which now perfectly introduces everyone to our booklet. It’s great to have such a driving force like Mia as a partner in this project!



Photo: Cornelia Gillmann – cg photography

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