You’ve got mail!

Today marks another small milestone for a young duo like us!

We sent out our first physical CD order to a costumer from abroad! It’s a tiny dream, that someone from another part in the world is interested in the music that we make. I couldn’t really believe my eyes at first when the order came in and immediately a happy dance around the apartment was in order!

As soon as our EP was launched in March of this year we made sure that it was available on platforms like Bandcamp too! If you are curious, you can listen to all of the songs featured on our EP there! Cool, huh? Actually, this is also the only place where it’s possible to buy a physical copy at the moment.

bandcamp crop_blog

Today’s CD we sent out to Finland! Still quite unreal. This is a good moment to say “Thank you” to all you people out there, who are supporting our CD so warmly! It means the world to us.



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