CD Review: Die Milch – Sinfonia

Today we’d like to share a release from a fellow Lolita band from Japan – Die Milch!

They just released their newest CD “Sinfonia” and of course we already got the signed copy! (Thanks Coco!)


Sinfonia welcomes you to a ball in a baroque, European mansion where all the guests are all really nicely dressed, except that it isn’t really a ball, but a party. A Lolita party.
I just couldn’t help but think of Lolita fashion while listening to this, it just fits so well!
The music borrows very heavily from classical music. The violin often takes center stage and defines the songs, especially during the astounding instrumental tracks, while the piano envelopes everything. Additional instruments, like the frequently used cembalo, make for a very nice, medieval touch and the clear and powerful voice frames everything nicely. Take all that, combine it with modern, electronic drum & bass and you got the sound of Die Milch.
This is music that is excellently crafted, ambitious and on top of it all – it absolutely makes you want to dance!
We highly recommend that you all check out this wonderful release!
Follow this link to find out where you can get this CD!


Photo ©Die Milch

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