Of witches and words

It’s been a while!

Let’s take a moment to look back at last autumn…

On the 29th of November 2018 we had the pleasure to be part of a very special event. Both Mia and I love to read, so an event that combines music and books sounds particularly perfect, don’t you think?


Nora Bendzko is an author of dark fantastic tales and has become a part of the self-publishing scene with her series “Galgenmärchen”. It all began with the first instalment  “Wolfssucht” in 2016, which was promptly followed by “Kindsräuber” and “Bärenbrut” in 2017. Finally, the – for the time being – latest volume “Hexensold” was announced to be released in autumn 2018.

So, Nora kindly proposed a collaboration for the presentation of her newest work. Together with the bookstore Buchhandlung Frick Meidling, (where the presentation took place) we organised an evening of reading with musical interludes, provided by yours truly.


It was very exciting indeed to try out a set-up like that. Playing in a bookstore was such a cool experience. Also, as surprise Nora joined in in two of our songs and some lovely harmonies came to be!

Check out our amazing CD display, hehe! All pictures used in this post were taken by the gifted Radka of Nachtfrost Photography.


We would like to thank Nora, the bookstore, the kind shop assistant Lisa (who was always ready to help us and answered any question we had) and of course all of the people, who came to listen to extracts from “Hexensold” and our performance. You were a wonderful audience!



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