Velvetree was formed in 2016 by Alex and Mia after they moved in together. Their urge to write and make music together was driving them to try and figure out this unusual combination of vocals and bass.
Music isn’t the only hobby they share however, so they also decided to combine it with japanese lolita fashion to make Velvetree a pleasing experience for all senses.



Singing has been one of Alex’ passions since childhood. Her love for music has lead her to explore vocals of various genres from classical music to jazz and funk. After moving in together Alex discovered quickly that Mia and her shared similar interests in music. Soon she found herself writing vocals to Mia’s haunting compositions and the sound of Velvetree was born!
Alex also is the vocalist of Symphonic Power Metal Band “Daedric Tales”.





Mia first started writing solo pieces for a 5-string piccolo bass back in 2013 after listening to Jeff Schmidt. However, she found that her music was always lacking something and it wasn’t until she met Alex that it felt complete.
Mia is also the bassist of the Alternative Synth-Rock band “Furious Feedback”.




Photos: Cornelia Gillmann – cgphotography.at