You’ve got mail!

Today marks another small milestone for a young duo like us!

We sent out our first physical CD order to a costumer from abroad! It’s a tiny dream, that someone from another part in the world is interested in the music that we make. I couldn’t really believe my eyes at first when the order came in and immediately a happy dance around the apartment was in order! Continue reading

About Mia

Today it’s my turn to tell you a few things about Velvetree’s bass-queen Mia!

Writing music together was rather a spontaneous “yeah, we should do that” kind of idea and we started out without a concept or anything at all! Before meeting Mia, I had never heard anybody play the bass like she does. The way she uses flageolets and arranges the melody in powerful as well as soft patterns, has the power to spark the most amazing sceneries in my head. I’m simply grateful for being able to write music with her.

One of the things that I value most about Mia is that she doesn’t only talk about plans, she puts them into action. So, we tried writing music together – and tadah – we went on to form Velvetree, write songs, have our photos taken and bring out our first own EP! Mia is also a very skilled graphic designer, she designed our EP’s beautiful booklet. She came up with the idea of using a double-gate fold, which now perfectly introduces everyone to our booklet. It’s great to have such a driving force like Mia as a partner in this project!



Photo: Cornelia Gillmann – cg photography

About Alex

Let me tell you something about our wonderful singer: Alex!

Can you imagine the feeling of meeting someone you immediatly click with on several levels? That was the case with Alex. The closer we grew the more commonalities we discovered, which ultimately lead to this project – Velvetree.

I think that Alex’ input is what was missing in my music all along. It didn’t feel whole, but now it definitely does. Thanks to her.
The talent she displays,, when she comes up with vocals and lyrics, is absolutely astounding! I can never imagine vocals to an instrumental, but when I first hear her approach I find myself wondering: “How could it be anything but that? It’s perfect!”

And did you know that the name “Velvetree” was also her idea? In fact, Alex is responsible for the whole aesthetic concept of this project with nature being such a major theme.

I’m very grateful to have met and to be working with such an amazing person as Alex.


Photo: Cornelia Gillmann –


Over the last few months it has become colder and darker outside and right now everyone is overwhelmed with Christmas so here’s a break from that for those who seek it – I’m going to tell you about a spooktacular event we attended!

On October 21st Mia and I attended the “HalloWien” tea party event hosted by Gothic Lolita Austria. It took place at Concordia Schlössl, next to the Viennese central cemetery. Continue reading